Leaflet showing Amhara Livestock Resource Development Promtion Agency support for milk cooperatives July 2020

Leaflet showing the work done by the Amhara Regional Livestock and Fisheries Sector Development Project July 2020

Leaflet showing Works on the Tekeze artificial lake July 2020

Leaflet showing animal breeding improvement work August 2020

Leaflet showing Benefits and recipes of chicken meat March 2020

Leaflet showing Fish recipes February 2020

Leaflet showing Precautions to be taken in the collection of hides and skins December 2019

leaflet showing Beekeeping Development Work November 2019

Leaflet showing Precautions to be taken in the collection of hides and skins September 2019

Leaflet showing 2018 cluster-based livestock resource development works

Leaflet showing 2018 the performance of the institution's major works

Leaflet showing 2018 the Lalibela honey museum

leaflet showing 2018 the activity of the Tekeze Artificial Lake

leaflet showing 2018 Beekeeping Development Work

leaflet showing 2018 The mad dog Disease

leaflet showing 2018 Livestock production and postharvest production work

leaflet showing 2018 animal breeding improvement work

leaflet showing 2018 the Animal Health

leaflet showing 2018 the improvement of the Dalega cattle breed

Leaflet showing 2017 on precautions to be undertaken in leather and leather harvesting

Leaflet showing 2017 Beekeeping Development work

Leaflet showing 2017 Beekeeping Development

Leaflet showing 2017 Animal Feeding Development

Leaflet showing 2017 on crop improvement work

Leaflet 2017 showing the practice of Dalega Cattle breeding


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