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Etaferahu abera tesfaye

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Services Delivery &Grievances expert











Duties and Responsibility

  • Receive those customers coming in to its work division seeking for an administrative justice; render timely and prompt decision to same by reviewing their matters or where it is unable to solve same at the level of the division, organize its recommendation in writing and transfer same to the head of the public office or to that of the office constituting
  • After having conducted inquiry and reviewed the grievance submitted to it due to the dissatisfaction of the service rendered, submit its recommendation in writing to the head of the public office against which such grievance was heard
  • After having duly identified through study those work divisions or public offices the causes of such grievances, advise and call upon the heads of the public offices so that they would take corrective and remedial measures on time
  • Submit to the heads of the public office wherein it has been established or to those of the offices embraced in the pool by devising a mechanism instrumental to resolve grievances created as the result of the service delivery process, ensure the materialization of a working procedure with transparency and accountability as well as guarantee the prevalence of good governance
  • Familiarize the grievance submittal and handling system to the community benefitting therefrom, other staff and stakeholders concerned

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058 220 75 10


058 320 57 71


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